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Just Because

Just because I am a christian, it doesn't mean I say
That I am far better than you now or any other day
Because you see it is quite the reverse,
To be happy in my life, I must put Jesus first
I need Him because I am weak
To please I need to be more meek

Pride in me is not a good trait
I need Jesus to keep me straight
Alas, I still make lots of mistakes
Because of my nature and I find it hard to wait
You see, it is still hard to follow the Lord
Probably, the hardest job I have had of all

I will never go back to who I was before
That person was timid, scared and had so many flaws
Since Jesus came into my life
He has given me the dreams that I had and I thrive
I am not finished, in the bible, God says
There is allot more to be done, His way

So I walk out in faith, sometimes not sure where it will lead
But with Jesus at the helm, I can be very sure indeed
So my friends do not knock-back us christians
We are no better or worse than you
We make mistakes and say the wrong things too
It is our faith in the Lord that gives up hope for all things

I gave my life freely over to the Lord
Because I could not make it without going overboard
I had secrets and sin I could never reveal
Jesus forgave and freed me and I was able to heal
I have grown and got confidence where there wasn't any
The Lord does take away sin, which was my enemy

Although my tale is short for these twelve years
I have had allot going on over this time to bare
Jesus does not come in to take over your life
He is a gentleman and only enters when you invite
It is your choice whether you accept
I pray you will at least take this first step

Amanda Martin-Shaver
March 2000

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Amanda Martin-Shaver