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What the hell is wrong with people????

One year ago my wife bought me a cute Rottweiler puppy to replace my lost dog Shadow...We were going to call him "Rocky" from the last movie, but she liked "Maximus" better from the movie Gladiator.

Max was introduced to all the neighbors out here in our little neck of vast farmland country, and everyone seemed to think he was the cutest friendly dog. We went through all the proper pet owner procedures of getting him fixed and licensed for rabies and identity tags...i even went one step further to outfit him with a hunter orange color so anyone seeing him would not shoot at him during hunting season. I came home from work a couple of nights ago to find him sulking under the bushes by the back door and called to him to come into the house. he whined and dragged himself over to me and my heart raced in my chest because i knew something was really wrong with him.

My wife said she put him outside and hadn’t seen nor heard from him in about 9 hours (the entire time I was away at work)... I looked him over and he was limping really badly but I could not find anything immediately wrong, so i fed him...he had his normal healthy appetite for food and water, and thinking on his limp i figured maybe he got too playful with our horses and one of them may have inadvertently kicked him.

We went to bed and the next morning, he wouldn’t get up and come to me as usual for our morning coffee and walk. I went over to see what was wrong and when i bent down to touch him he whined and kind of snapped at me, and then immediately licked my hand like he was saying he was sorry for snapping at me... I pet him and reassured him it was OK and gently felt him over...I noticed a small hole around the underside of his ribcage and upon further inspection noticed it was a somewhat shallow puncture....when i felt around it a piece of metal fell out of the hole...It was a .22 bullet....Also in inspecting him further for more wounds I discovered someone had shot him in the back end with dove/quail buckshot (likely 12 gauge)...I spent the entire morning and a little of the afternoon picking out all the pellets and suturing up some of the wound...

Later that evening he began to turn somewhat to normal...still limping and I fear he may have a permanent limp in one of his back legs.

I went around to question the 3 immediate neighbors and none of them said anything to having even seen him around....If they are telling the truth then that means someone came within my property area and shot him.

I have informed the Sheriff that if I find out whoever did this, they will get the SAME treatment as Max got...I will fill their ass with the same 12 gauge buckshot!!!! When it comes to the unnecessary mistreatment of animals I will value an animals life way over a humans...

I just do not understand todays ignorant fearful society and pray someone tries it again...

Just remembering the words of the great Anthony Cumia (Anthony and Opie FX radio) and his theory of personal home defense....so whomever may be out there...watch out I have 3 home defense weapons...a Mossberg 12 gauge, a Remington 30-06 and an 8mm Mauser...
Hurt my dog and you WILL pay!!!!!!!!!
James Shaver ©
Friday, March 14, 2008

People Against Censorship.com
Movies, TV, Radio, Celebrities

As a fan of the nationally syndicated Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez radio shows have formed People Against Censorship (PAC) in an attempt to use the same special-interest group tactics to protect comedy speech that were recently used to ruin Don Imus's career.

This is a very important issue as the medium for humor is being severely attacked and this may be the only way to stand up and fight back. I myself, am a HUGE supporter of both shows, and ALL forms of Free Speech, whether i like it or not...I don't particularly care for rap music or the lifestyle it projects, but hey it's Free Speech, and it too needs to be protected (currently feeling forehead to make sure i do not have a fever ).

Seriously though...this is an important cause and we need as many supporters as possible...not just for Opie and Anthony, or Ron and Fez, but for EVERYONE!!...(god forbid...that includes reverend Al too)..

So before you shrug this off as a nonsensical rambling...think for a minute...your music, your favorite books, your video games, your movies, your favorite cable TV shows, your favorite comedian (Hi Lil Jimmy Norton!!)...all these things you take for granted now....may not be there tomorrow unless you stand behind them... So do the world a favor and make a difference, and at the very very least...check out People Against censorship.com/org.
Without it, your world will never be the same again...ever.

Thank you...
James Shaver ©
May 21, 2007

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What the hell is wrong with People???

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