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Born Again

I came to this valley to think for a spell,
And now I must tell you, about heaven and hell
God sent us His Word, in the bible you see
With great love it was given, for you and for me

You may not believe what Iím going to relate
But, if you do or not, itíll be your own fate
For you see in ĎEzekielí it is required of me
To relate this message of salvation to thee

The word salvation, meanís man must be born again
Receiving a new heart, washed white from sin
Jesus washes away sin, have faith and believe
Read Godís Word and salvation, I pray you receive

I pray your blood, not upon my head
Please take heed, for on your own itíll be instead
So I pray out of love, you will at least wonder
And consider the life that was broken asunder

I know some say there is no hell, thatís not true
And there in hell, is where Satan awaits you
God gives us all a choice you know
So will it be heaven or hell that you go?

Think what a great love, Christ had inside
It was for you and me on the cross He died
Our life here on earth is just but a day
Compared to eternity forever weíll stay

Pat Jenkins

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