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Fluoride the Silent Deadly Chemical Weapon

The FDA and American Dental Association approve and enforce
this fluoride cocktail into our water supply and tell us it is law!
because they say it prevents children's tooth decay
This same FDA who approves dangerous drugs that kill and maim?

How can enforcing known poisonous chemical weapons be law?
this is assault and if you have a well they say they will put it in your bore
Treason and Medical Tyranny is the name of the game
Let's wake up and say to this New World Order - No Way!

There are tablets you can give to your child if you really prefer
putting in general water supply with no options is more than I can endure.
Fluoride is a deadly poison, and there are many facts
why they even use these ingredients to kill off Rats!

This is making our children into Fluoride Heads whom are dumbed down
surely we can not accept this farce, fraud, deception laying down
there are more adults than children, toothpaste should be enough?
it effects every human, animal, pet, in our food. Enough of this stuff!

America has the highest cancers on record and it is through the roof
obesity, diabetes, lung diseases, malnutrition is getting up there too
Fluoride, silent and deadly has its lethal effects on every part of our body
Please, against this great travesty, we have to boldly lobby

Amanda Martin-Shaver
1 February 2012

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Amanda Martin-Shaver