His Word

When I read His Word
and store it in my heart
my life is so much brighter
I have light for my path

I know where I can go
the map becomes more clear
I'll always have a song to sing
because Jesus is so near

As a child of God
I need to read His Word
not just to know it
but to give it all I'm worth

Jesus is the way for me
even though it's tough
with Jesus in my corner
the road now is not too rough

Many have fallen from the way
let the shepherd find you today
and bring you into His special flock
and base your life upon the Rock

Jesus is Chief Corner Stone
why many founder, this I know
He's the stumbling block to many
and it does not cost you a penny

He's already paid the price
put His body up for our life
what an unselfish single act
because I was such a brat!

Thank you Jesus for saving me
by dying up on that tree
I can now have life where I had none
Because Your deed has been done

Amanda Martin-Shaver
19 March 2000

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