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I Have Learned

Some things I have learned in my adult years
is that man does not know everything he declares
I have been a people pleaser most of my life
This has been impossible as I walked, the road was wide
I tried to please all, but got shot down, both sides

For years I did not believe in my own judgement
I was taught adults knew more than I
So I followed man's wisdom, much to my peril
What else could I do, I was still a child in their eyes
I know now I should have stood more firm, but I was too timid

I am not a robot programmed to follow as I am told
I have a good brain to work out what is good for me
I can think for myself, I can stand firm and bold
I will accept the consequences without being told
This is nobody elses business, but my own.

I am not giving up on man altogether
I just will not follow advice without thinking first
I learned I can not listen to man and God
Man can be wrong even when they think they are right
It is Jesus I am following and asking for advice

You see Jesus knows me inside and out
I have nothing to hide from Him, or Him to find out
My heart and life is His, I gave it freely
There are people who think they know what is good for me
They have not believed me, when I said differently

So do not judge me just because you do not understand
I can not tell you everything that has happened
If you not agree with me it is because you were not there
Nor did you have to walk a mile or two in my shoes
So you can not possibily know what I should do

I will listen to Jesus because He will never put me wrong
He loves me unconditionally and His love is strong
He knows what is best for me even if I cannot see
the whole picture that He has planned for me
I can not go wrong with Jesus on my side

He is the Rock and the Corner stone
A shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold
When I fall down He will lift me up
I can keep going because I know He is there
And He knows the plans He has prepared

Amanda Martin-Shaver
25 April 2000

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Amanda Martin-Shaver