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Modern Way of Life

This old world's in trouble
this old world's gone bad
this old world's America
which makes me so sad

Like rats on a treadmill
working hard all day
mother and father both working
for a meager wage on pay day

Mother's hardly stay at home to rear their children
leave them all day to be brought up at Day Care Centers
then wonder why their children do not listen to them at home
parents have given up on them because they are busy on the phone

The people are blind it seems
focused on their dreams
they don't plan for the future
but living from their need

There is corruption a plenty
happening all around
yet they do not see it
it's like they are buried underground

Students have been so dumbed down
they can hardly spell, add or read
wanting to be adults with decisions
bucking their parents and authorities systems

Partying, chatting, texting aimlessly on their cellphones
being so kewl while in their drugged out state
fashion so appalling, rips and tears, butt-cracks showing
belly-buttons pierced and skirts up to their waists

Modesty, morals, ethics and values are not being taught
prayer in schools and public buildings are out the door
the Government are being exposed for
corruption, scandals, deceptions and extortions

The media turns a blind eye so nothing is aired
could it be, they are scared?
are they told to rake up mud on the people that are disliked?
by the Powers that Be because it's their right?

Bad news always hits the papers and TV
no need for factual proof, unless they are sued
and no one has the means to right this wrong
so the population accepts it as the gospel truth

America is Bankrupt yet we live like there is no tomorrow
Every man, woman and child has a debt of 1 1/2 million dollars
This country has been sold out to outsourcing overseas
Mexican aliens are given our health, assistance and our dollars

Wake up America before it's too late
it does not have to be our fate
Listen, get your eyes off the ground
warning signs are all around

Amanda Martin-Shaver
2 January 2009

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Amanda Martin-Shaver