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New Zealand

New Zealand is a country
in southern Oceania
*Aoteoroa is the land of my birth
I live in a little town
in the centre on the North Island
with hills and trees all around

I'm proud to be a Kiwi
been one all my life
New Zealand is the land of my birth
Yes I'm glad to be a Kiwi
could imagine living somewhere else
New Zealand is the land of my birth

In New Zealand there are three point five million people
sixty million sheep, I am told
Very friendly people
Visitors often comment
and come from miles and miles to see
our beautiful scenery

The native people are the Maori
they have a language of their own
their dance and songs are wonderful
Their village is called a Marae
it's not the place where they live, it's just where they meet
all converge from one happy tribe

New Zealand is a safe country
Very low crime-rate
Conservation is our concern
No nuclear Factories
No preditory animals
So you're safe and secure in God's Zone

Amanda Martin-Shaver

Aoteoroa, is Maori for 'Land of the Long White Cloud'
(New Zealand)

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Amanda Martin-Shaver