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Plant: Silver Firn

Bird: Kiwi

Facts at a Glance
Currency: N Z Dollar (NZ$2.3=US$1)
Language: English, Maori
Population: 3.8 Million ( live on the North Island)
Sheep population: 48 Million
Internet connection speed: 28-56 bps
English speaking TV channels plenty!
Religion: mostly Christianity
Time difference: GMT +12:00
(20:00 hours ahead of Nebraska)
Driving lane: left side - drivers seat on the right
Temperature: 25-65F

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New Zealand Facts
Pure New Zealand

The top of New Zealand starts at Cape Reinga and the Lighthouse. Where the Tasman Sea meets with the Pacific Ocean and ends at the Bluff (the best oyster fields in New Zealand - yum) and Foveaux Strait

New Zealand is a land of contrasts and very beautiful scenery The country is made up of two main islands, North Island and South Island and a smaller island at the bottom of the south, Stewart Island There are many smaller islands dotted around the coast of various sizes alot of the these smaller islands are inhabited

The North Island and South Island are two very distinct Islands seperated by the Cooks Strait and Marlborough Sounds and two ways of travelling from one Island to the other by sailing on the Ferrys (The Interislander) from Wellington, which is a small passenger and freight ship which will take trains across as well as heavy vehicles. The trip across the sometimes very trecheous stretch of water is 3 hours arriving in Picton. The Lynx the hydraufoil takes 2 hours 15 minutes, and will take cars, motorbikes and pushbikes. The ferrys sail this crossing 4 times per day and often in bad weather conditions have had to turn back. The sea can get rough unexpectedly and very quickly The other alternative is to fly from various airports to your destination airport

Tempertures range warmer in the north and colder in the south. Around the mountain areas is naturally colder

We are known and prefer to call ourselves 'Kiwis' yet there are are also the kiwi flightless birds, our National bird, which is noctornal, the hen lays a large single egg about 1/4 of her size There is the kiwifruit which in other countries is as the kiwi New Zealand for it's small population has been a world leader in many sports ideas - we love our sports and have held top place in many overseas tornaments and events. We have invented or been the first to use an idea which has court in other countries. Check out the Zorbing link.

I have included some photos of unusual building, statues and icons many
towns have erected and are now famous for here

Amanda Martin-Shaver