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Net Buddies

Hello there, my friends on the net
Even though many of you, I have not personally met
We share and chat on a regular basis
What does it matter, we do not see each others faces?

You are there for me to brighten my day
and I hope it is for you, the same way
We have not known each other for years and years
You have listened and emphisized and made it easier to bear

It is funny in a strange kind of way
How you and I got to meet from so far away
That telephone wires criss cross under the sea
Bringing back and forth messages from miles to me

We sit in front of a little coloured screen
Typing away madly, to a stranger it would seem
As if we have lost all focus on reality
I disagree with their statements, emphatically

It is because we sit glued to the screen
We share news, views and happenings
We have the time to give each other attention
While with others we hardly rate a mention!

Now if people in real time could be as kind
This world would be a much brighter place
Instead, everyone scurries to and fro
No wonder it is called the Rat Race

So I thank you dear Net Friends from near and far
Your presence on air is very reassuring
I come on each day and see your name up on screen
Even if we do not chat today I know you are there.

Amanda Martin-Shaver
May 2000

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