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Panda's are lovely, panda's are cute
we from Australia and New Zealand would say they are 'bute'
with their black and white coats and black ring around their eyes
have most people gooing and gahing, like they were in paradise

You can usually only see them in the zoos
and they eat a special variety of bamboo
not every country has this food growing
so we must not take panda's away knowing

It would be wonderful if we all could
have them in our own countries for their own good
but alas we can only admire them from afar
At least they are still with us thus far

There are not that many now breeding in the wild
people are pushing further out in the country and taking up their space
Why people are so greedy it is a disgrace
why do they need so much acreage for just one person?

Cutting down trees and clearing the land
shouldn't cutting down all these trees be banned?
Don't they know that we need trees to breath?
We cannot keep relying on the Rain Forestry

That area is getting smaller as the years go by
the waste and devastation I could sit down and cry
what use to provide the main source of oxygen
has now depleted by to much

So people plant some more trees in your back yard
Somewhere to live for the the animals, insects, birds and bees
We need these trees like they need us
together we could make such a difference.

Amanda Martin-Shaver
26 April 2000

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Amanda Martin-Shaver