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PeeJay's Twins

PeeJay (Peanut and Jelly) was not suppose to get pregnant so soon after giving birth to CinnaBon whom was around 6 weeks at the time. I was walking through the gate between the Bucks and the 2 Nannys with their kids and before I knew it I had Jumping Jack Flash bursting through the gate and PeeJay right beside me, with Zippy nearby and Jack was able to do a quick mount before I could separate them and put him back through the gate. Fortunately he did not get to Zippy. I marked the date, 25 February and waited, sure enough she got bigger and bigger and I was expecting twins.
She gave birth to her twins Wednesday afternoon 23 July 2014. It was late afternoon when I found them outside, PeeJay cleaned them off, as it was starting to get dark I put them into the horse trailer for the night. A brown buckling, Ginger Bread and white doeling, Cookie Creme

For the first week Cookie whom was lighter than her brother was suckling well from her Dam and was nursing every chance she got but PeeJay was walking away from her suckling far more often then Ginger Bread whom she would stay still.
PeeJay was hiding her kids and they would stay together for hours while she went off to graze. I found this quite fascinating and would go looking for their hiding place to have cuddle with them myself. They are both very tame and placid kids and such a delight to me.
However, It soon became apparant that PeeJay did not have enough milk to feed both and she had made her choice she would feed Ginger Bread over Cookie Creme. I tried various methods, putting PeeJay on the milk stand and put Cookie on her, Cookie would suck from one teat to the other in a frenzy and bleat and wringle around trying to get more. Twice in her frenzy she fell off the milk stand before I could catch her, the second time she hit the floor with quite a wallop that she hurt her back leg and has been been carrying her back leg for nearly 2 weeks. I cannot detect what damage she did as bones and muscles seem to be the same as her other back leg, hopefully time will heal and she gets around OK.
I tried milking PeeJay to stimulate her to make more milk, I was able to milk about an ounce, then I tried keeping Ginger Bread on the back porch for a couple of evenings while PeeJay had Cookie for the night hoping she would feed Cookie with Ginger, but that was apparant when she came over to the house in the morning looking for Ginger that she had not let Cookie feed, and I would hold PeeJay and let Cookie on her first then Ginger and they would both drink. They were both like ravanous wolves and PeeJay would get very agitated and fight me that I had to let her go and in a quiet moment when Cookie wasn't looking she would let Ginger feed.
All this time, I was trying to feed either kid with a bottle and I only had animal supplement milk, and neither was having any of that and they did not like a rubber fake teat, it was not Mamma!
I tried to milk Daisy Mae but she had gone too long after weaning Tator Tot that she did not have enough to use, so then I brought Zippy in as her suppose to be weaned kids, whom still suckle when they can, - and put her on the milk stand and Cookie on her. Zippy was reasonably accomodating to let Cookie feed while she ate her grain but as her twins had been on her there was virually nothing left in reserve. So I decided to hold Zippy over night in the back yard each night and milk her in the morning. When we first started this Zippy only gave half a cup, not nearly enough for a hungry kid
Rescue came from the previous owner of Daisy Mae when I asked her if she would show me how to disbud the twins (Cookie and Ginger) so I took them in the pickup to their house and we disbudded, and I was given a gallon of milk she had frozen in several zip lock bags. This has been such a huge help and with Zippy now giving a cup and each day a few more ounces I have had enough to feed Cookie 3 to 4 times a bottle that she drinks like there is no tomorrow. I go get her and bring her to the house feed her and she goes back out with the herd
I did some research and found that I could also feed whole milk from the store and have mixed in with the goat milk and Cookie is now thriving and do well.
PeeJay is a very tender mother toward Cookie and looks after her other cares very well.

First day photos of Doeling - Meet Cookie Creme

First day photos of Doeling - Meet Ginger Bread

First day photo of Buckling

Second day photos

Whose your Daddy?

The Twins do not look like the others!! To my recollection, Elvis was never with Zippy and PeeJay after they had their kids, he was in with Jack, so if he is the sire and I am thinking strongly that he was, I have no idea when or how he only got to PeeJay!

Jumping Jack Flash, our Nigerian Dwarf Buck, sire of CinnaBon, Honey Bea and Vanilla Ice

Elvis, a Boer young buck we sold as we decided not to go with the Boer breed

PeeJay's Twins Pg 2

Goat Herd
PeeJay and CinnaBon
Zippy and Twins
PeeJay and Twins
PeeJay's Twins Pg 2
Daisy Mae and Tater Tot

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Zippy and Twins

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