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Jesus, you pick me up when I am down
replace my face with a smile when it has a frown
You encourage and believe in me, when I have none
and wait and watch me until I am done

You love me unconditionally even though I have conditions
You show me how to love others and see past their faults
Tell me to love the sinner and not focus on the sin
You will deal in this area, it is not mine to win

You tell me that honey will catch bees better than vinegar
kind thoughts should be in my heart to be a winner
That patience comes to those who will wait
Another fine message, if I want to get past the gate

Well Jesus, I am glad that you say I am not done
I would be discouraged for the things unwon
I would look over all my faults and failings
it is by grace that I live with you daily

The love I feel for You comes quite free
I am glad that this is something I can do on my own
and the little bit of faith that each one of us has
only has to be as big as a mustard seed

Thank you Jesus, that you are here with me
that You love me so much unconditionally
remind me to keep my eyes on You and not on me
there are others who need prayers and encouragement

Lord I have hope and lots of it, it would seem
I have stayed with you, when it has been hard going
my hope is for the future that soon I will be
with you at home in my place for eternity

Amanda Martin-Shaver
15 April 2000

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Amanda Martin-Shaver