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I have been preparing a few dishes I want to share,since coming to America, first to Oregon, from New Zealand.
After relocating to Wyoming, Nebraska, Georgia and now finally in 2011 we are in North Carolina
I found cooking in the States has been quite a different experience to cooking back in NZ - I am not sure what it is, e.g. the different flour consistency elevation of the State I lives in requiring different temperture and cooking times..Cooking has been a challenge on some levels yet I enjoy this passtime

Switching to different flours have made an improvement and I make my own bread, buns, sourdough recipes.
Since I started raising Nigerian Dwarf goats I milked a couple of my girls, for daily milk use and made yoghurt which I really enjoyed. I also make our soap for personal cleanliness and using for laundry - I could probably add these recipes in here too
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Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Amanda Martin-Shaver