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Starie Eyes

There at the river side sat a poor lonely girl
With both hands tightly covering her eyes
Tears rolled down like there was no tomorrow
And people walked past the poor girl as she cried
I watched her shake and shiver
It was as if she was still in the snow
I quietly walked towards her and softly I said “Hello”
She lifted her head from between her knees
To see who the voice belonged to
Her watery eye’s gazed into mine
Explaining exactly what she was going through
She smiled so sweetly and I asked, “Would you like to talk?”
Slowly she began to nod her head
Then she said, “Can we go for a walk?”
She reached out her hand and I helped her up
She held my hand as tight as could be
Then softly her voice mumbled
“No one cares about little old me!

Tears still rolling down her little rosy cheeks
Now even harder than before
Which made me wanna talk to her
It’s like she had no life anymore
I said, “Can you explain?
Can you tell me what’s going on?”
She looked at me again and again,
Then she began to speak.
“I haven’t seen my family for so long,
My Mummy doesn’t want me,
And my Daddy just don’t care.
One day we came to the river and they just left me here”.
I couldn’t believe what she just said,
I turned and held her so tight.
“Would you like to have me”? She asked
as her eye’s sparkled so bright
“I’m a good kid really, I am.
I promise not to get in your way,
And I’ll do anything for you
Just please lady, let me stay?”
“Sure” I said, “but what is your name?”
She smiled and said, “Choose one,
choose a name just for me,
But let my name have a meaning”.
I said, “I’ll call you Starie, that fits you beautifully”.
That night when we went home
She asked, “What’s the meaning of my name?”
I kissed her softly upon her forehead, and I simply said
“The stars shine so brightly and to me you do the same”.
She wrapped her arms around me
And quietly said, “I love you”.
I held her as close as I possibly could
And said, “I love you too”.

Written by: Shalamar ©
New Zealand
4 May 2000

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