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(Prounounced Tie happy)


What has Taihape got to offer you
This Gumboot Town in the Centre of the North Island?
There's shops and stores, restaurants galore
The young ones these days, say there's nothing here to do
What's the matter with the young ones today?
They sit inside watching TV instead of outside to play

Well let me write down a list or two
There's whitewater rafting, bungy jumping,
horse riding, rubgy, football, golf, car racing,
bowls, croquet, squash, soccer, tennis, roller
skating/blading, swimming, fishing, snow skiing,
water skiing, netball, badmington, bush walking etc, etc.

Taihape is situated on the main trunk line
State Highway One between Auckland and Wellington
It's not as if the town is out in the 'boonies'
Travellers and overseas visitors are passing through daily
Now that the 'Gumboot Throw' has got on the maps
What does it matter if one lands in your laps?

You could tell everyone where you got the bruise
Maybe if you're lucky it could make it to news
This town is famous across the country
because no matter where in the two Islands you go
someone always asks about a person or family
that lived or does still live there you might know

So let's give a hurrah for this Taihape Town
The people who live there smile and hardly ever frown
The hospitality is extremely warm and cordial
and out of this world because
they will make you feel welcome, they are friendly alright
And then at the close of day you could stay all night

There are families in Taihape, who did just that
Stayed a night or two, and they came back
Or transferred from their jobs as part of promotion
Never ever thinking they would take up the notion
They live there now as part of the bunch
You could never get them now to ever budge.

12 April 2000

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Amanda Martin-Shaver