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Working in America

It was such a culture shock to work in the States
so far behind with their policies, they are not up to date
you are on your feet for hours. break time when you sit down
no wonder so many workers look drawn and wearing a frown

I remember working in these conditions in NZ back in the 70s
when my bosses were still in the mindset of the 'old school'
it was tolerable because we received good staff discounts
it was worth it and you were informed of the rules

Here, no one really wants to assist the new member to fit in
they make it harder and do not tell you where you can fall in
I guess you have to be a mind reader and know what to do
because no one is going to help, make a mistake and there is a to-do

Now, as I see it, supervisors do not require you to think
because if you did, then they see you as a direct threat
You could replace them, then where would that leave them?
why out of a job and searching the situations vacant
You cannot expect to get paid for what you are worth
they will only pay you, whom they can replace you first
Corporate America, leading business what I have been told
all Mom and Pops stores have been put out in the cold

One week's paid vacation, if you are lucky
paid on your yearly anniversary, now isn't that ducky?
you have to save your wage's for months to take that well earned break
Just so you can take your family to have fun down on the lake

Many employers do not give you health insurance
nor do they have a retirement fund in place
so many couples have to work to make ends meet
putting their children into day care centers, isn't that great?

So you work like a beaver all the years long
so you can put your children through college
so they can have the opportunities that you did not have
with their cell-phones, ipods, games, clothing, and latest fads

Amanda Martin-Shaver
11 May 2009

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Amanda Martin-Shaver