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What's In a Name

- Does it define you?

I was given my first name upon my birth,
but sad to say I wasn't the first
As it was to be given, to another
Who turned out to be my older brother

My mother gave birth to a bouncing baby boy
Mum and Dad were filled with such joy
but they had to come up with another name
with my elder sister choosing, to save the day

I was born three and a half years later
I was given this name for the reason above, I hate it
I had to fit it - not this name to fit me
My dad liked it, so it had to be

What is the name? that so peeves me!
it is Heather but pronounced Hetha, in Kiwi
Harsh, uncompromising, that cannot be shortened
spoken in authority had me cringing and bawling!

I liked my middle name, Amanda that was my grandmother's
or even my nickname, Aggie which is original to Me
my older sister gave me this, because I ran around with an oil can
oiling every moving part on skates, bike wheels to prams

I asked my mother on many occasions, why can't I be known as Amanda?
she always answered because of your father, he likes it Hetha-Aranda
so alas I was saddled with this, all through my growing years
until my mother passed away and I decided to change the gears

I thought, can I live with this encumbrance for the rest of my life?
NO I can't, so I made the decision to change my situation one night
making it known publicly to my friends, family and acquaintances
Well the reception I got you would think I had taken leave of my senses!

Why should anyone even care? it wasn't about them, it was what I gain.
they knew me as Heather, they were not going to change
I did not break any laws, it is not like I am the first
the bible had peoples name being changed by the Lord Himself

How can a simple name change, cause such a family and friend rift?
it is not like I completely came up with one that was unfit
I have the courage of my convictions and the strength to endure
so whomever doesn't like it or love me for this, then they are poor.

Amanda Martin-Shaver
21 September 2015

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Amanda Martin-Shaver