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What's the Fuss?

"Hiss, I want to tell you a secret,
Come, draw closer so you can hear,
You see, I have to whisper, so no one can hear listen"
"Why"? you ask

"Well, I am not going to relate a conspiracy
nor is it illegal that I am aware.
It involves everyone not one person is left out
Even the Queen of England, whom this is not about!
I often wonder why, this is not talked about,
but in aside in stage whispers.
Everyone is effected".

"What are you talking about"?
"Why, the good old FART!
There, I said it. Now you are shocked.
No one is suppose to talk about them, but
Why I ask"?

There is talk about every other subject, under the sun
You talk about Sexual Preferences, Abortion,
Homosexuality, Money, Politics and Religion
But the common Fart! - Whoops I said it again!
Is blanketed in darkness not to be revealed"

You can not call it a Fart, it has to be 'Break wind',
Gas, Fluff, Sneaker or any other polite term.
To me a Fart is a Fart and it makes people laugh!
A straight face cannot ever be accomplished
When one is done, it is detected!

"Why is it, that people pretend not to notice?
It is considered bad to talk about openly,
I know in 'Polite Society' you should never discuss
But I cannot help wonder...
Why all this fuss?

Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Amanda Martin-Shaver