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Vehicle Insurance Quotes

Through a survey site I was sent to a website for insurance quotes so I thought, why not, I need to be looking to renew our insurance on our vehicle before it expires next month.

I fill out the form, I cannot leave a cell phone number as I do not own one, nor do I want one or need one. - enough said on this for now! The good old land line is good enough for me!!

Not long after I finish filling out the form and sending onwards into cyber space I received a call and spoke with a nice sounding guy. Well I reckon all these customer service / sellers etc all seem to think we will all jump on the band wagon and give out all our sensitive information without any thought and accept all they say..Sorry, not me. I am done with believing everything someone tells me or their scare tactics I should do like a mindless zombie.

Have you noticed the stupid questions these employees are required to ask?? who wrote these questions and why are these employees saying anything to their employers they are stupid questions?

This guy Q (his family nickname) asks me for my name, address, DOB etc etc which I had already filled out on the form, and said so - Oh we just want to make sure you are who you say you are!! - well who else would I be when you have called the phone number I gave and you have already inquired if I am Amanda, which is me upon answering!!

We talked about their different insurance options, benefits, deductibles and what I could expect from the plan etc etc...I have not had any claims or accidents in the last 3 years - even longer but they were only interested in the last 3 years.

I don't drive talking on a cell-phone, or drink beverage or eat, or put on my make up, or use my knees to hold the steering wheel while I am doing something with my hands. (I can't multi-task at the wheel so I don't bother) Nor do I tail-gate and I like several car lengths in front of me, so I can react in time when so many drivers give me 2 second warning they are going to turn in front of me - yet so often I see all these things I mention from other drivers and my space I make between the car in front and myself suddenly disappear because someone decides they want to be in there and causes me to brake to let them in!!

How many of us hear another driver say "I have never had an accident?" yet you see them doing some or all of these multi- tasking while driving and wonder 'how many accidents did they cause'??

I only drive about once per week to town to do my errands over a normal period of time, so I am not racking up the miles in a usual week. However, the many scratches and small dents on the sides of my pickup from shopping carts or doors being opened against the side of my vehicle from thoughtless drivers or passengers, could give the impression of a different story. Yet I know our vehicle is not the only one that has these marks.

He then asks me for my Social security number so I could get a better deal than quoted depending on my credit score and he said that he has given me the best prices from dozens of insurance companies and he could start me right off now as these quotes change within minutes and go up!!

What nonsense... what kind of fool does he think I am?? If all these dozens of insurance companies are vying for my membership then why in the world would they be putting their prices up as we speak??

Our Social Security Numbers should not even come into this discussion or even be put on the application forms. So why would insurance companies want with my SSN and credit score,my credit is not the issue here, but my driving record is. - They can cancel your membership anytime they like if you have not kept up your monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly subscription. They do not have to be sending out creditors or garnish one's wages to get their money, SO why do they need our SSN???

Funny how, when you point these things out to them, they seem to stop in mid verbatim and try and come up with the answer which does not sound very convincing to me why they need this information.

Well the long and short of this exercise, I will be changing our insurance but not because I have been told I should be doing it right now before the prices go up but when I am good and ready and not before.

Aren't you also tired of these lame excuses and brow-beating spiels of getting our business.

Amanda Martin-Shaver
30 July 2010

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Amanda Martin-Shaver