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This page is about an ugliness in the world,
an ugliness that no one wants to talk about,
because it involves a huge percentage of people.
Far more than I ever knew until I started reading
more and more within people's homepages.
It involves 1 person in 3. - Far too many.
Thank the Lord that this ugly crime is being exposed
through the Internet, Media and Personal Experiences.
I am dedicating this page for women and children who
have suffered verbal, sexual, mental abuse and harrassment.

Shattered Innocence and My Story can be found here.

Amanda Martin-Shaver

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"You know the one thing that is more terrible than being raped
- being alone with what happened to you.
Not telling anyone is the worst.
Because a rape will keep on hurting you inside,
long after your body heals.
Let someone help you. You don't have to hide.
You don't have to be ashamed.
You're not the one that committed the crime."
-Jennifer Aniston,

Substance Abuse & Suicide

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owned by Amanda_NZ.

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Amanda Martin-Shaver