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Chyna, Goodbye

All good and bad things must come to an end
so we say goodbye to our dear friend
we had you since you were six month old
but you had to get out, you couldn't be told

you were our Houdini, nothing was too hard
why did you have to escape, was it for a laugh?
I put you inside an electric fence
you slipped on through, it had no defense

It was not enough to get out, you had to take your sister
in the freezing snow we had to go and get you
lead you back through the neighbours land
or drive miles around the road lead you in hand

we put in a gateway and gave you more room
you were happy for awhile yet all too soon
you were out again and cut your leg real bad
you could have bled to death and made your Papa sad

We thought you would be happy with us for a long time
you are of such amiable nature, taking everything in stride
your papa had hoped you would both go for a ride
we waited until you were older so your bones were strong

All winter long this year you stayed inside
you did not even look, attempt to even try
yet as soon spring came, you were out again
until a neighbour called me up to complain

a very hard decision about you had to be made
we could not keep you anymore your bed was made
we put you up for sale and soon you were bought
and today you left on the trailer, going to the north

Papa could not be here to see you on your way
he could not bare to be around to give you a wave
he loves you, so don't forget to remember me
Goodbye dear friend, the month you turned three

At your new home their fences are sturdier and I think you will stay put
with your new owner who loved you on her first look
new playmates and new lessons, being ridden daily
you'll love it and I know you'll do dandy

Papa and I will come and visit you real soon
see how you are doing, and what you have learned
I know you miss Harmony as she misses you
I will tend her more daily so she will not be blue

Amanda Martin-Shaver
9 May 2009

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Amanda Martin-Shaver