Oh these computers are
such a pain in the neck
They lock up on you at the most
vital times you can bet !

Illegal operations you are
many times screened
How the heck..!
Where have I been ?

Are there such institutions
as cyber traffic cops
To render you a ticket
while typing at speed on your desktops ?

Trying desperately to get
everything completed
before this blinken
computer defeats me

Dangerously low on resources
But I did not take these courses !
Frozen up screens...
You know what I mean ?

Firing up scandisk, hoping to get a fix
Resorting to defrag if the errors are too thick
How many times is this to be,
before I smash this thing to smithereens ?

So I wait about to see what might happen
Hit ctrl, alt & delete, but nothing happens
Reboot and shut the thing down
With a scowling frown

Give it a minute to let it rumble
Let it cool down, while I sit here and grumble
Ah shucks, Hit reset..
And start all over again

Amanda Martin-Shaver
9 September 2001

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