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Dog Fight

We own three dogs Koda who is my dog and is 3 years old, and such a gentle giant, with a great easy going nature. He is St Bernard, Great Pyrenees on his mothers side and Rotweiller and Labrador on his fathers side. So his breed is a Saint-Pyrenees-Rot-Lab.
Then we have Tubby or I sometimes call him 'Tubalubacus' for fun. He is still a pup and rising one year old
We were given Daymon, by the same people whom we bought Tubby from. He is such a gentle loving dog and is presently riding 'shotgun' champanion to James on the Big-rig.

Shortly after we moved to this property we are buying, a smaller dog Jake who has been a bit of a loner. He looks like Koda at a distance as he has the same coloring and smaller and is owned by one of our neighbours to the left of us, became firm friends with Tubby and Koda and is often over at our place hanging out with them.

One of the dogs, Dakota owned by the people we are buying from and neighbours us on the right side (also have 3 other small dogs, one a Pomeranian whom is the instigator of the many skirmishes as he or she sets off the alarm that someone is nearby) Dakota is an alpha dog and very territorial as well as a bully, has beaten up neighbors cats and other dogs whom come nearby, even when they are not on his property, he has been able to roam freely from property to property up until we arrived and Koda starting marking 'his territory'. None of the other dogs are big or strong enough to take him on so he has gotten away with his actions

Wednesday 11 Aug, James was on our property by the barn and Dakota came over and started a fight with Jake and Tubby. James tried to stop the fight and got scratched.

On Saturday 14 Aug, returning from the mailbox with Koda on a leash and Jake just tagging along for the walk. The little Pomeranian started barking upon seeing us and next thing Dakota come flying out from hiding and just bowled Jake over in a flying tackle. Koda was on the leash and wanted to get in and help his new buddy but I would not let him get in there and held him back from a safe distance.

Monday morning when I got up I noticed Tubby must have been in a skirmish with Dakota too and was on the loosing side as he is hopping around on one back leg again. When I felt his hipjoint and leg I could not feel anything out of place so hopefully he has just bruised it. He got this same back leg hurt a few months back when a car hit him and left him in the long grass. He has only been walking and running on it properly for a few weeks now and barely had a limp. - We are back to square one and I am wondering if his leg will recover fully from this latest injury.

Monday afternoon, Koda, Jake and I went down to get the mail, which is a walk of approx half a mile and down past Dakota's place. Koda went ahead and he and Dakota greeted each other and I thought great they must have gotten over their differences - suddenly the next thing they were at each others throats and Jake got involved and was biting and attacking Dakota's hind quarters. Tubby came over to get in on the action too and 3 dogs were fighting on one. I waved my leash and slapped it on the ground to make as much noise as I could, as I was not getting too close to this Dog Fight to get injured. However it only separated them momentarily and Dakota was trying to get away and Koda and Jake were chasing after him, where they went under the neighbours front deck and he came out to see what all the noise was about as the dogs were making one heck of a din under there. His wife also came out and found the hose to squirt water on them which only made their feet slippery and slide as they chased Dakota into their garage to bail him up in there.

Koda or Jake was not going to let Dakota off the hook so easily and I reckon Jake had been bottling up a lot of anger against Dakota for a long time and Koda knew this too and they gave Dakota and awful hiding.

I finally got Koda to back off when Dakota hid under their back porch and I put Koda on a leash and we walked away to the mailbox. Koda puffed all the way there and back, he had used up a lot of energy and adrenalin especially in this heat! Jake took a bath in one of puddles along the unsealed road to cool off!

During the skirmish I told this neighbour that Dakota was a bully and would beat up on the other dogs and cats as several other neighbors told me of Dakota agressive behaviour to our neighbours pets. A couple of these neighbours had to take their cat for expensive treatment to the vet.

Neither this neighbour or his wife seemed to understand. I can understand the husband may not be aware because he has been so ill off and on with cancer and perhaps his neighbors did not bother him to tell him, but his wife sits at the kitchen table smoking and can see out the windows where all the drama takes place. Different strokes for different folks, I have may to learn to be even more laid back than I have become.

Koda is OK and is none the worse for wear from his altercation with Dakota, I have not seen Dakota since as he must be hiding in shame or terror! I hope he will be a changed dog and decide to play nice and will have stopped this reign of Terror upon the local pets.

Amanda Martin-Shaver
16 August 2010

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