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What a huge lie the world has been told over the years that some have actually 'swallowed' and believed that an unborn baby is a 'fetus', or worse still - tissue.

Miscarriages are termed abortions in the medical field,
which is also hard to accept. Because abortion is a deliberate
act to choose not to go full term and give birth.
Miscarriage is not a choice, abortion is.
These are lies straight from the pits of hell and Satan is the father of all lies!!

Empty Arms

You have to be a woman who has experienced
the loss of and unborn babe
to know that mothers mourn from day to day
Oh yes we may not have got to hold her or
dressed her up in pink and lace
Maybe we did not even get to look upon her face

The grief is very real and so is the pain
it does not go away after days of rain
The memories stay with us and we wonder
what would you have been?
Doctor, Lawyer or maybe a Marine.

It is also hardest when kind meaning family and friends tell
you that there can be more because you are still young.
The baby lost was not a doll
That can be replaced as if it did not have a soul
The experience was real, you knew and felt it

The years go by and perhaps you have one or two more
these other babies do not and cannot replace
that precious baby who came before
The hardest time is at Christmas or baby's birthday
As you travel down, memory lane

I know all babies are not lost altogether
they go up to Heaven
to be with the Lord Jesus
He will take care of them, with His abundant love
They will be basking in the sunshine above

Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Amanda Martin-Shaver