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I like to go fishing, fishing is free
I like to stand in the river way over my knees
I like it outside in the 'great outdoors'
Because fresh air is good, it opens the pores!

It does not matter a great deal to me, if I do not catch any fish
It is so peaceful and quiet, I am in absolute bliss
The water at present is cold and swift
with waders on, my feet are heavy to shift

Especially trying to walk cross-country
in these cumbersome thingamiggies
I am not at all impressed with
Oregon, Lane County wild blackberries

Even though I got extremely puffed and quite tired
walking overland in full waders is not at all mild
I had to swap over to 'Thigh Highs'
Oh the freedom - it brought back lots of smiles

I had a good day out on my second day of fishing
I did not catch anything not even a nibble
But had to leave half an hour early
Because my fishing partner fell in and he is not burly

I slept well that night, in fact I was out like a light
Dreaming dreams I cannot remember
I am getting fitter and fitter each day ready
for the day when I go hunting for the first time!

Amanda Martin-Shaver
12 April 2000

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Amanda Martin-Shaver