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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Introducing our first two 'little girls' we bought in October 2012. PeeJay (Peanut and Jelly) 2 years old and her daughter Zippy whom was born in May 2012. PeeJay has the icing sugar dusting on her ears while Zippy is a solid blonde, both with brown eyes. I bought as bright as I could find little halters for them so I could see them amongst the long grass and autumn colours when they wandered into the woods behind our place as they were blending in with their surroundings.
Nigerian Dwarf come in all different colours, they are such delightful and entertaining animals. I originally bought PeeJay to milk, but Zippy was a little too old even though she was still ocassionlly nursing from her mother, PeeJay did not let down enough to milk her, but did get her more use to being handled and standing on my homemade milking stand I build for her out of Free wooden pellet that did the job nicely.
I bought Coco the brown and white, on 30 December and was bred to Woody a couple of days prior to coming to our place. She will be due to have her kid in May.
She is half Nigerian and half Nubian and bred to a Nigerian Dwarf, so she is a little bigger than PeeJay and Zippy
May came and went and at the beginning of June knew that somehow Coco either did not become pregnant or lost her kid very early in her pregnancy, so it was a disappointment.
In August we saw an advert for Jack Flash our billy whom is a real sweet heart and very friendly and the girls have accepted him as their baby daddy! We should be getting kids born around January and if all goes well, Zippy will be my milk goat as she is the most desensitized girl of the small flock.
We bought Jack (Jumping Jack Flash) our Nigerian Dwarf Billy on 11 August 2013, he is a super friendly boy with very nice manners.
Elvis our Boar buck whom was given to us 15 November 2013 because the people who owned him had two small boys that chased and terrorized him and he did not have another goat for company so lived with the chickens. The first couple of days after we brought him home he would wander away from our goats and I would find him in with our chickens, but he soon was happy to follow Coco around as she befriended him. He is a little aloof so he has a rope on his collar so we can catch him to pet him and desensitize to be more friendly.
BTW, Our goat herd were already named when we bought them so opted to keep most of their names and adjusting to adapt into our musical theme the males were leaning to when we got them. The kids born are themed loosely around spices, food additives etc to be 'The Spice Kids'

James with Zippy in his arms and PeeJay looking on - 11 October 2012

PeeJay and Zippy

I have to watch the screen door because the little girls will come right on in behind me!

PeeJay and Zippy


PeeJay on the Hot-tub, one of the favourite places to sit for all the goats

Jumping Jack Flash

Jack Flash 26 August 2013

Jack Flash - camera we do not use so often and the colour is more brilliant.

Coco 26 August 2013

Coco, PeeJay and Zippy

The girls 25 August 2013

Supper time, all heads in together

Jumping Jack Flash

Jack Flash

Elvis, a Boar young buck.

Elvis and Coco on the trailer

Zippy on the left, Elvis in the middle, PeeJay on the right, Jack behind and Coco on the trailer

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PeeJay and CinnaBon
Zippy and Twins
Daisy Mae and TaterTot
PeeJay and Twins
Honey Bea and Butterscotch

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