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Continued from the previous page

James drove through Nebraska on one of his trips and went by the old property on 31 September 2013. History has changed and all over for the lovely old American Foresquare House as it was pulled down and a new house build on the back paddock.

The old Summer Kitchen and garage is still there..

This chapter of our 3 years is over, while the old house was still standing there was some hope that she would be the Grand home I knew she could once again be, so many old homes and their history are being torn down to make way for new and we are loosing a part of the American way of life. She stood tall, was solid and had withstood, winds, rains, snow and many stories for over 100 years. - If Walls could talk, what would they say to us?

Garage, driveway and Summer Kitchen

Driveway, new house sitting behind trees

Garage, Summer Kitchen.. Something happened with the camera!

Garage, driveway and Summer Kitchen

Summer Kitchen, two pine trees that were in front of the old house

New House

Photo Album Home

Around the farm, Nebraska
Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium
Chyna, Quarter horse filly
Miss Daisy, Brittany spaniel
Damon, Alaskan malamute
Extended Martin Family
Ford Ranger wreck
Greenwood, Nebraska House
Harmony, Paint/Quarter horse
Horse Float/ Horse Trailer
James, Big Rig, Nebraska
James Mother - Cleo West Shaver
Kerie and Daryl
James Family
Koda, Mixed breed
Koda page 2
Lexington, North Carolina
Leo - Great Pyrenees mix
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Missy - Brittany/Feild spaniel mix puppy
Outbuildings, Nebraska
Pets we use to have
Princess, Tennessee Walking Horse
Puppies - Brittany/Field Spaniel Mix
Roxie, German shepherd
Shaver Boys
Taxidermy, James hobby
Tubby, Husky
Wind damage, Georgia

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