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Hello there,
In this blog I want to tell you and warn you, especially to whom does not already know or even aware of the insidious evil Conspiracy, the New World Order (NWO) that is Satantic to the core and run by the Illuminati that is right at our back lawn and almost up to our door step

Conspiracy - Conspiracies Dictionary meaning:
1. the act of conspiring.
2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
4. Law . an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

You can fool all the people some of the time
You can fool some of the people all of the time
But, you can't fool all of the people all of the time
Which are you?

This is not a hoax as some people have said it is. I am a sane, sensible woman who has been following the signs, ever since I first met the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and was water baptised and also baptised in the Holy Spirit. He gave me the gift of Wisdom and Discernment 25 years ago.
I first heard about a One World Government shortly after meeting Jesus from reading a series of 'Warning' small books written by the late New Zealander, Barry Smith. I was interested and intrigued as the Bible certainly warned us about end time events but at that stage I had no idea how this Illuminati was going to pull it off

Well the signs are all around us - do you really believe that humans can be so evil on their own?
I know humans are sinners, but this is different to my question... EVIL grizzly murders, pedophiles, torturers, the most shocking, insidious and disgusting actions you can think of, read about, heard about - that turns your stomach done to fellow human beings..? Animals do not perform such torchures upon their prey, yet humans do...Think about it
I do not believe humans are this evil, not on our own, not without an Evil Spiritual Being influence aiding and abetting, who is Satan - Devil - Lucifer as he was once known, and all his demons.. that are God's enemy and my enemy. A third of the angels went with Lucifer when God evicted him. Satan does exist although it is his mission to make the world believe that he does not exist and he seems to be doing a very good job.

Who is the Illuminati:-
Picture a Tree and all the branches that come off that tree - They are people in high authority positions around the world who are all part of the Occult, dating back many centuries.
The highest of the highs is The Rothchilds, Rockerfellows
Bilderberg, Skull & Crossbones, Jesuit Jews,(not to be confused with Jews from the line of David) Freemasons, which The British Royal Family - past Prime Minister Tony Blair, The Roman Vatican dating back centuries and especially this present Pope Benedict 8th, other various and varied Country Heads from around the world.
Corporation Heads, Federal Bank (which is not Federal, meaning USA Government) most of the big banks the ones commonly termed as 'Banksters', e.g. J.P.Morgan, Wells-Fargo, Bank of America etc etc,
Main Stream Media, (MSM) Large internet enterprises and servers/services - Bill Gates (Microsoft) Google, AOL, Times-Warner, Disney and the list goes on. - You will read and hear more on the videos and links I have included
All the past US Presidents and this present 'fraud' Barrak Hussain Obama, excepting for the late President J.F. Kennedy and President Nixon were not Freemasons or appear to be involved with ANY secret societies.
JFK and his younger brother Bobby were assassinated. Nixon had to resign because of the Watergate Scandle, which I am being enlightened to the very high possibility he was not involved but made to be the 'escape goat'!

Many other famous people / celebrities have been assassinated and/or had a very odd and very suspicious death e.g. Michael Jackson, whom was a member of the Illuminati and left and wrote and sang a couple of songs as well as warned his fans about him.
Hopefully you will perceive yourself as you view these videos of how despicably evil these people are and their plans for humanity.

There is still a large majority of 'Sheeple' who are just following along with whatever the Government, MSM etc are telling them that is happening in the world. They do not question and just keep on doing what they do each day. The majority of people usual perceptive senses have been dulled down - they do not know when they are in danger and believe everything is safe because the advertisements they have seen or heard tell them so, they do not even question anymore. This is so dangerous to personal safety

This Elite Group have manipulated, dominated and intimidated from the time of inception of forming this Illuminati, like this:
1 Creating The Problem (there wasn't a problem to begin with)
2 Watch for the public to react to this fabricated problem
3 Public demand a solution to the problem, that has now become a problem, through fear,
4 They come in through the Govt like 'hero's with a new law (the solution) and people give up a part of their freedom, security, money to pay more taxes for the service etc

If a lie is told often enough - the people will believe it

Our very lives are at stake and one day you will have to choose whether you will stand up and be counted against this Evil
...or be intimidated and forced to join in their schemes of being injected by e.g. flu shots, Gardisal.. which has been deadly to many and to you especially with low immunity - which many do because of deadly toxins/poisons in our food, air we breath, water we drink, drugs. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved!!
.All deadly assults upon us from every angle and most unseen, unsmelt, untasted and you become sick and sicker especially with an epidemic which is in the pipeline you will be taken to the FEMA camps which are in nearly all the States now, and Look what is happening in Australia
You will have to have a microchip under your skin which will have all your personal information and they will be able to track where you are at all times, the ability to buy products but will have the number 666 somewhere on it which will be the 'Mark of the Beast'. I hope you will not accept this under any circumstances as it would be far better to be with the Lord Jesus Christ in eternity than be seperated from Him for eternity...for ever and ever

Soldiers are waking up

This assalt on humanity in the world to reduce the population by a select few is far worse than the Holocaust of World War 2. The various wars that USA troops have gone into and taking all other Free countries (England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc) in with them against imaginary foes that have been manipulated 'country against country' have not killed off enough people so now it is an all out endeavour planned attack to reduce the population by billions, not a few million..yet three quarters of the world are oblivious to this very very dangerous and real threat to each of us. How can we help to wake people up?

You will notice that the USA is mostly being focused on - America is the country whom has to fall and it will. She is the threat to the Illuminti because of her size - the people have gun laws and believe they are free as in freewill - not be discriminated against due to race, colour, religion, sex etc, with freedom of speech.
USA has always come to the assistance to other countries often lately from a bad choice by people's opinions. Without USA assistance all other countries will be more vulnerable and exposed America has been self sufficient and has had all the resources a country could use without the need to import, however this has changed drastically whereby oilwells, coalmines, factories etc etc have been shut down or the big corporations have taken their business to another country as taxes skyrocket. All deliberate act to pull down the country to fall
Already she is bankrupted but the Main Stream Media (MSM) is not going to tell us this.
The reason USA has to fall as she is too big - in my opinion up until the second world war, (which was also sides played against each other) America had stayed neutral. She was brought in deliberately with the attack on Pearl Harbour. Ever since WW2 she has been involved in every war going to pull her down and have other countries hate us as interferring busy-bodies which she has been

I have put a few Youtube video's and links on here that I reckon explain - but I do urge you very strongly and in love and concern that you also do searching of your own - do it out of curiosity - please do not just ignore as a nutcase theory. Prove me and others wrong! - Get out your bibles and read, look at the signs all around you - something very drastic is wrong in the world, check out and test your own air, water supply etc

Why are more and more people getting sicker, lethargic, dumbed down, ignorant when we are in the most advanced modern times with all the laboratories, inventions etc since my late father whom was born in 1896 in the year when women were still wearing long dresses and driving in horse and buggy. He saw all the new inventions up until 1976 when he died - Nothing much in the way of inventions before he was born happened - Hello!

Robert F Kennedy explains vaccines and the autism coverup

There is a lot of information on the internet 'they' know there is information but they don't care they feel secure in the knowledge that the multitude of people is still very much in ignorance and they plan to keep them in this state. The Main Stream Media is bought and paid for by this Evil group too so only smaller private stations are getting involved
However if we all do our part and tell others, there are more people in the USA alone, what about other parts of the world...than there is in this select unvoted elite group to bring to the open and into justice. Remember the Nazi's Officers were all caught and brought to justice for War Crimes

Rothschild Family - Head Of Illuminati

The Rothschilds Exposed 1/3
The Rothschilds Exposed 2/3
The Rothschilds Exposed 3/3

The Rockerfellows
Rockerfellows 1
Rockerfellows 2
Famous Free Masons
Bilderberg Group Club
which has been surrounded in secrecy for the last 50 years

Alex Jones: Bilderberg Club's plan

We know what happened to JFK, and this video should throw more light on the reason he was assassinated. Nixon had to resign because of the Watergate Scandle, which I am being enlightened to the very high possibility he was not involved but made to be the 'escape goat'!

President J.F. Kennedy

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version
This video is not about One party or the other - it is impartial to either side which is a shame that it may mislead due to the title

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Amanda Martin-Shaver