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Hello, My name is Amanda Martin-Shaver and welcome to our About Us page.

You may be wondering, How did we come up with the name Birddogs Profits.. James online ID is often birddog316 and he had birddogs years ago and 316 came from John 3.16 excerpt of James fan, 'Stone Cold, Steve Austin WWE wrestler. After winning the 1996 King of the Ring, Austin stated to the then-bible thumping Jake Roberts, "Austin 3:16 says I just kicked your a**". Profits came from a saying I use to use when I was cooking or baking and my children wanted to steal a cookie etc "Stop eating the profits"!

This website has been a work in progress since 2001 when I first started writing poetry, typing out my recipes and many other interests I have enjoyed over the years, as well as the many changes as I joined and tried many and various online business and social networks, which I found I am a real clux at, so best to be working real blood, sweat and tears! My husband James Shaver and I live in Lexington, North Carolina these past 4 years. We bought small acreage privately in a Rent to own contract and had the property paid off in 3 years. We have been doing quite a lot of work outside on boundary fencing, putting a Well in and raising various livestock, fowl and birds in their various enclosures. James works as Over the Road Trucking, Owner Operator leasing his truck to Schneider Transport (The Pumpkin Orange coloured trucks) although James truck in bright yellow whom he has named Big Bird

James and I were internet penpals for approx 3 years. I am a New Zealander from Taihape, Central North Island and James is an American, from Charlotte, North Carolina, where he grew up. I traveled over to the USA back in July 1999 to visit many of my penpals as possible in person. I had a wonderful trip traveling 11 States and a one day trip into Canada while I was here.

I met James in person when he was living in Redding CA, and helped him to moveup to Springfield, Oregon in October 1999

I went back home to New Zealand for a year and was a student graduating as Level 3 (LPN) Care Giver. James and I became engaged and I flew back to the States 1 June 2001 where we got married after application of permanant residency on March 20 2002

James and I have many similar interests and definately similar in our humour and slant on life! We both love the Lord Jesus Christ and have our own relationship with Him which is a little different as we are in different developments of our growth. We are not affiliated with any church denomination as we are spiritual and not religious, and not comfortable with Church Denomination Doctrine which has many man-made attributes added to the mix. We believe in God Almighty, The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit - 3 distinct personalities in One.

I have two adult children a daughter whom is married and a son Daryl, from my previous 20 year marriage whom are living overseas happily living their own lives.

On January 10 2005 we left Springfield, Oregon and travelled 3 days and nights to Cheyenne, Wyoming were we rented to a year. Story here

On 3 February 2006 we relocated to Nebraska where we have bought our first home a American Foursquare farm house which it needs restoration work and sits on nearly 4 acres.

Nebraska Page

Amanda Martin-Shaver