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Picture by Erik Hollander, used with permission

This picture is simply awesome, isn't it?
I look at Jesus weeping and wonder - What is He weeping for?
Was this a picture depicted at the time when He stood
in the Olivegrove as He looked down on Jerusalem?
Before He gave His live for us on the cross of Calgary?
Or perhaps it is a more updated version for today.
Jesus is looking at the world at large, not just a small
place like America, or New Zealand where I am from,
but the whole of the world.

Do you wonder, if He might be weeping for you?
He did give His life as the greatest gift a person
can give to everyone.
Even humans who were not born back when He did this deed,
once and for all.
He did die of the most horrendous wounds from torture any
human before or after Him will ever experience.
I wonder why all the pictures of Jesus on the cross,
His face is unmarked?
Because in Isaiah 53 it is written that His face
is unrecognisable.
Many people have rejected this gift. Thrown it back.
I know if it was me and I gave a beautiful gift of myself
to another and I was rejected it would hurt me terribly.
Do you wonder, like I have that He is calling all people
who do not know Him to come and meet with Him?
Do you wonder, where you will go when you die?
Have you even wondered?

Jesus wept.
It is the shortest verse in the bible.
Such a profound sentence.
Two short words.
Jesus wept.

Amanda Martin-Shaver
12 April 2000

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Amanda Martin-Shaver