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Koda, my puppy

My puppy has not come home, its been over an hour
I let him out so he could do his call of nature
I have whistled and called him to no avail
where can my puppy be at this late hour?

I am worried as it is the middle of the night
far to dark outside for me to be looking without light
he could be hiding in the shadows and I would not see
as the darkness penetrates where he cannot be seen

He has not gone this long before when I have let him out
he always comes running around the corner when I looking about
he does not bark so I can hear him when I call
so what could have taken his interested to ignore me at all

this afternoon he found a dead treat
and dropped it beside my horse, Harmony
she took no notice, no notice at all
she kept on eating the grass at her feet

I went out and called my puppy to come indoors
once he was, I went down to see what he had brought
a dead rabbit, winter fur but without its head
I threw this rabbit up and away where my puppy can't get

So now nearly two hours have gone by and still he has not come
it is 12.46am and time we were both in bed
what could be the attraction that has kept away all this time
should I spank him, chastise him or hug him instead?

By 1.30am I went to bed, prayed for him to be safe
slept fairly well under these circumstances
I woke up and went outside, whistled and called
and there he was with the outside animals, what's the haste!

I knew where I was, I was safe all this time
now I am tired, I will lay down right here
stretch out close to the fire and keep warm
and woof and squirm dreaming of my adventures

Amanda Martin-Shaver
29 March 2009

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Amanda Martin-Shaver