Memory Lane

When I woke up this morning and got out of bed
You were on my mind, I could not get you out of my head
I remembered the great times we had together
The way you made me laugh and the funny faces you pulled
These are some of the things I misee when you played the fool

I worry about you. Did you know?
I wonder how you are really doing
Do you find the time goes by real slow?
Do you wander around the apartment, or sit in the room
Picturing me and remembering what I use to do?

I find myself thinking about you in your chair
Smoking your cigar and the way you brushed your fingers through your hair
How you sate on the floor sitting cross legged
Cracking your fingers and your knees would make me bandy legged
Watching TV for hours of wrestling and hired movies

I don't know whether to look forward to coming over next year
Maybe just let the time to come just happen
I do not think I could handle another cancellation
So in the meantime I will walk down memory lane
And remember the good times and the reasons I came

Amanda Martin-Shaver
November 2000

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