My Daughter

To Kerie my dear darling daughter
I would just like to say
You are precious from the time before you were born
right up to this day
You are a joy to me and a great delight
Your beautiful smile and spirit radiates sunlight
I love you and I am proud, no matter what you do
You could never disappoint or disgrace me
this is not in your nature

Hold your head up, don't let others take away
The sunshine of your smile that brightens our day
You are popular with adults, girls and boys
This is not often an occurance in many these days
I know your friendship brings forth joy
You are still young and have your life before you
The choices you make now are what you will remember

So keep close to Jesus, He will never depart
He can take up a little or a lot within your heart
Remember to seek His guidence on a regular basis
I have taught you wrong from right and been
a mother to the best of my ability
I still have a listening ear any time you need me, so
now I let you choose the life that fits your qualities

Love Mum

Amanda Martin-Shaver
12 April 2000

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