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To Daryl, my darling son
Thank you for the wonderful young man you have become
I am blessed, proud and totally impressed
How you have grown from a strong willed boy
To a young man of address

You were not any easy baby, or little boy
Although, I was filled with love and joy
You were stubborn, wakeful and hard to get off to sleep
Many hours spent walking your pram
and driving around the streets

I am totally bowled over by your daring
Many activities and sporting to me are quite scary
I wanted to you to be your own man
To make plans, dream of the future and
make your own decisions when you can

Each time I see you, I see the changes
from this chubby baby, skinny boy to a solid muscular man
Where did the time of your growth go?
I know you will make the right decisions
Remember, they involve you

Do not be swayed what others think or say of you
it is your life, you must walk your own path
hold onto your dreams and ambitions
for they are yours
do not let them depart

I know you will be strong
no matter what you become or where you go
I will always love you and just wanted you to know
as long as you are happy, fulfilled and contented
In my heart you will always be remembered

Love you always
For your 17th birthday
10 January 2001

Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Amanda Martin-Shaver