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The Night Before Christmas

Silent night Holy night
All is quiet and I'm alone tonight
Not ever the ringing of the telephone
My heart is aching and my voice keeps breaking
While tears form in my eyes

If this is the season for good will to all men
What ever happened to compassion then?
Why can't humans accept each other warts and all?
But look at our outside and make judgements
from our appearance and walk?

I do not understand
that families can put so much empahasis
on this yearly occasion
When there is so much unhappiness
caused through this day of togetherness

It is Jesus' birthday after all
Not the day for Santa Claus (Satans Claws)
Who brought this fake in?
It is not his birthday at all!

The hype that goes on
leading up to and before
causes so much stress
because people need to impress!
with catering and latest presents

Amanda Martin-Shaver
24 December 2000

Footnote: I wrote this poem while living in a Hostel house for
women while I was training to do my LPN certificate. In New Zealand.
One of the young single women whom I took under my wing
went home for Christmas and came back the same evening
so hurt and a wreck emotionally. She is hearing impaired and
has been fitted with two hearing aides, yet her family did not
believe she needed them and was pretending. She was also
obese and had an addiction to cokeacola which gave her migraines

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Amanda Martin-Shaver