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Laying on a Moose hide that was tanned to give an idea of it's size

Koda would not stay put and kept coming toward me *lol*

My first filming on my digital camera

19 June 09 Koda decided to hide in the wet and muddy corn field after we had had 2 thunderstorms

Koda's Poem

On 28 September 2010 my precious Koda suddenly and unexpectedly was missing from the back porch when I got up around 8am where he slept with either Tubby (Damon was on the truck with James this particular trip)

I called and whistled him as he had been running around our acreage and community since the month after we arrived and there had not been any issues with any of our three dogs staying away from home for hours

When he did not come, I went walking through the woods surrounding our property looking for him then when I talked to various neighbours on the other side of the woods, I got in the pickup and started a wider search.

He did not come home when it was dark and at this stage I was very concerned and even more so when he was not home next morning. I put adverts with photos in Craigslist, Lassie come home, Petfinder and went to Lexington animal shelter in person which they had put up the photo on their bulleton board. When James came home for a 2 day break we did a wider search and talked to people whereby no one had seen him at all.

Then on October 24 almost a month after Koda had been missing Damon was not on the porch where he slept with Tubby next morning when I got up either. I called and whistled and went searching again around the neighbourhood and again no one had seen him. With this shocking realization I called the Sheriffs Office and a deputy came out whereby I put in a theft report on both dogs. I firmly believe that someone/s lured Koda and Damon from the comfort of their home and whisked away. I am more convinced they possibly are not in the district due to all the posters I have posted around to businesses putting on their bulleton boards or even on their doors, mailman, post office etc etc that people shop. Also as James and I have watched Craigslist each day we have noticed there have been 3 other people whom have had their beloved dog stolen in broad daylight and one was right off their driveway

I have had a lot of help from several shelters whom have said they would forward my emails onward to their contacts for wider distribution.

I have been so lost and bereft and missing my Koda so much as he was the first dog that I had bonded with and loyal and loving companion to me, and James co-rider and guard. He was permitted to sleep on the bed if he desired. - They sometimes all sleep on the bed with me or when James is home which can be quite crowded. This was a no-no for animals to be on the bed when I lived in New Zealand from my general up bringing so I have come along way from those days and our dogs are our furry children and have pride of place in our home.

I had left the 3 dogs on the back porch because it was screened in, the weather was good, not too hot that they needed to be inside with airconditioning and they could open the door to go to the toilet when they needed. I never expected or thought that Damon would also disappear as he did not go wandering far from home at all nor would he walk down the driveway because of Dakota the bully dog that my Koda beat up a few months back and put firmly in his place. Damon was scared of Dakota as Damon is not an Alpha dog at all.

James and I have prayed everyday they are safe and will come home either by the people whom have him let them go to come back after seeing the posters, or someone sees them or they escape...anything. I want my beloved pets home where they belong as I am so lost without them.

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Amanda Martin-Shaver