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Pets we have owned over the years or had in our care for a time. For the first several years of owning dogs we had awful luck keeping them for various reasons.

Our first two dogs we owned, when we lived in Oregon. Ositto, American Eskimo and Chief, Brittany Spaniel. Both pound puppies.
Ositto was a great little dog while he was an only, once we got Chief he got very jealous, he started hoarding socks, papers etc and hit them under our bed, chewed stuff up and was pooping in the house often. We I took both dogs for our twice daily walks he would challenge other dogs that would come to fight Chief. It became such a problem and dangerous because I got in the middle of a dog fight trying to break them up and got bitten. I could not walk them both together anymore. We gave Ositto away where he was an only dog and not long after Chief strayed off on a walk in the country and we could not find him again
If only we had known this would happen before we gave Ositto away!

Shadow and Hannah Wyoming 2006

Shadow, was a foundling that James came across abandoned at a truck stop, he loved to play fetch all the time and we had to keep him tied up or he would go walk about and Hannah, a miniture pincher puppy, I gave Hannah to neighbours as she was too high strung and Shadow tending to wander off each chance he got.

Shadow ran away soon after we moved to Nebraska

Max our Rottweiller we had when he was 6 weeks old 25 Sept 07
Max has since died Sept 08

This is Tazman, he looks tame enough!
James and I rode him before we bought him and his ground work was great,
you could lift his feet and work on him, brush etc his trainer said he had
been trail ridden over 300 times and lassoed off his back a couple of times.
We were told he could be difficult to catch on ocassion so we put a long lead
rope on him when we got him

However, this is the horse, who caused all the problems. After he arrived with
his colt son whom we gave away within the week. Taz had to be gelded twice, 2nd
time was several months before bought him so he still thought he was a stud and
our two mare were 'his herd'. The problems started..
He managed to kill two of our chickens, pull down one of the pillars holding
our side varandah, racing around the paddock with the pillar still attached
to his halter and rope and whipping the mares into a frenzy that none could
caught for some time.
Several times saw James being 'grass skied' along behind on the long rope as
James had tried to catch his lead and Taz galloping away
He broke the saddle because it slipped as I had not tighten the cinch enough
and he sidestepped and set the saddle slipping under his belly and then took
off bucking and galloping around the paddock. As the saddle was broken, we
did not have another at the time.
He is the one who threw me off violently in June whereby I broke both wrists
and hurt my back. I could not sit, stand, lie down, walk around for very long
and had to sleep in the chair at night because I could not lay in bed for two
weeks. We were not told that he could not be ridden bare back or even take your
feet out of the stirrups. Consequently I got on his bare back to ride around and
when I squeased his sides to move him away, he just erupted under me and I went flying

Black eye, bruises and broken tooth and glasses

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Around the farm, Nebraska
Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium
Chyna, Quarter horse filly
Miss Daisy, Brittany spaniel
Damon, Alaskan malamute
Extended Martin Family
Ford Ranger wreck
Greenwood, Nebraska House
Harmony, Paint/Quarter horse
James, Big Rig, Nebraska
Kerie and Daryl
James Family
Koda, Mixed breed
Koda page 2
Lexington, North Carolina
Leo - Great Pyrenees mix
Outbuildings, Nebraska
Pets we use to have
Roxie, German shepherd
Shaver Boys
Taxidermy, James hobby
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Wind damage, Georgia

Amanda Martin-Shaver