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Lexington, North Carolina

Front - down the driveway with woods of our neighbours in the back, to shade us during the hot summer months and where deer are often seen walking through.

Another angle of the front and woods behind

Looking from the driveway across the front of the property to the 2nd barn which stands right smack in the middle of the property line corner. This barn can either stay or take down, our neighbour is not emotionally attached to it.

Barn, and attached implement shed and Horse Corral

Chickens run and Lean-to chicken coop, with seperate green chicken coop in the back

Storage shed close to the house, enclosed Dog run and ramp up onto the back screened in porch and inside. Under the porch is a huge space for the dogs to hang out in the shade.

Looking from the attached implement shed across the front of the property to the 2nd barn

Garden area, with fence that is not a boundry fence enclosing the garden. Property line ends on the other side at the yellow dot approx 12 feet behind the existing back fence - Triangle from the 2nd barn to the property boundary marker.

Side of house and back of Shed, looking across the garden


Photo Album Home

Around the farm, Nebraska
Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium
Chyna, Quarter horse filly
Miss Daisy, Brittany spaniel
Damon, Alaskan malamute
Extended Martin Family
Ford Ranger wreck
Greenwood, Nebraska House
Harmony, Paint/Quarter horse
James, Big Rig, Nebraska
James Mother - Cleo West Shaver
Kerie and Daryl
James Family
Koda, Mixed breed
Koda page 2
Lexington, North Carolina
Leo - Great Pyrenees mix
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Outbuildings, Nebraska
Pets we use to have
Roxie, German shepherd
Shaver Boys
Taxidermy, James hobby
Tubby, Husky
Wind damage, Georgia

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