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James first day at Universe Trucking Line 6 February 2009, which is mainly a Refridgerated trailer load. His first load was hauling beef which the Meat Works is just across the road, to South Carolina

Here is part of the 70 trucks they have in their fleet.

Random photo - James driving in our pickup, 26 December 2008

Fast Forward to 2014. Lexington North Carolina

James bought his own truck, he had gone the route of Lease to own through the trucking company he was employed with. However this did not turn out well in the long run so after saving and biding his time he was finally able to buy and own his own.

James,Beau his companion and Big Bird

Starting out on one of many of their trips 6 June 2014

Si Robertson and James, 18 June 2014

Martin from Duck Dynasty in Monroe Louisanna

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American Guinea Hogs
Around the farm, Nebraska
Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium
Chyna, Quarter horse filly
Daisy Mae - Mini Mancha
Damon, Alaskan malamute
Extended Martin Family
Ford Ranger wreck
Greenwood, Nebraska House
Harmony, Paint/Quarter horse
James, Big Rig, Nebraska
James Mother - Cleo West Shaver
Kerie and Daryl
James Family
Koda, Mixed breed
Koda page 2
Lexington, North Carolina
Leo - Great Pyrenees mix
Miss Daisy, Brittany spaniel
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Outbuildings, Nebraska
Pets we use to have
PeeJay and CinnaBon
PeeJay and Twins
Princess, Tennessee Walking Horse
Roxie, German shepherd
Shaver Boys
Taxidermy, James hobby
Tubby, Husky
Wind damage, Georgia
Zippy and Twins

Amanda Martin-Shaver