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Proverbs 31.10

Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies.

This beautiful proverb was the theme and name of a christian woman's magazine I subscribed to back in New Zealand, and now receive it here in the States called Above Rubies, which came out twice per year and was just so helpful to me as a brand new christian full of helpful and uplifting stories and hints.

As a woman from a country whose men are not inclined to uplift their wives and see the huge value in us. I often had to really grab hold of this proverb and claim it for myself.

I was a country lass who knitted, sewed, cooked from scratch, washed the clothes and hung them outside on the clothesline to dry. (Outside clothes drying is not a practice I have seen in America since I have been living here. *Grin*)

In some other countries men see the value of women as below their children and not held in the high esteem that God sees us. Many women today have had to work away from home and had to place their children into child care, yet being a mother is an extremely valuable and rewarding profession. Nobody else can see to the needs of our children like we can.

I am warmed by the picture that Jesus taught, and especially why humans are likened to sheep, and not goats. Coming from a rural town and country where there is more sheep than people, I could relate very well about the sheeps' habitat.

A ewe (mother sheep) always has her lamb beside her when she feeds, she will always be checking to see if her lamb is nearby, by smell. She will nuture her lamb and when ewes and lambs have to be moved by the farmer to another paddock, docking time, shearing and other various maintance done with sheep and lambs to keep them healthy. It takes a long time for the farmer to move ewes and lambs, especially when the lambs are young, because the ewe will always keep going back to make sure that she has her lamb beside her.

The farmer needs lots of patience and also has to have very good sheep dogs because a ewe will bunt a dog (this is about the only time when you would see a ewe aggresive) and also because the farmer does not want the ewes and lambs scattered whereby they get mis-mothered, it takes hours for the ewes and lambs to mother up again.

Nanny goats on the other-hand, are very different, you will see one nanny looking after many kids while the other nannies are feeding. This astonished me, when I first heard then noticed their behaviour, I realised where the name 'Nanny' came from.

Since then I was always particularly careful to always refer to my two children as children and not kids.

Amanda Martin-Shaver


After the heartache of words caused a storm
days spent forgiving and nights spent alone
I've lived my life wondering when someone will find
the treasure I've buried for such a long time

My heart is diamond, nobody can see
with all it's sparkle when love shines on me
in every darkness I still believe
my heart is a diamond, nobody can see

I stand a believer, in love pure and strong
and more than one love-one's tried proving me wrong
if passion is silver and tenderness gold
a fortune lies waiting for someone to hold

My heart is a diamond, nobody can see
with all it's sparkle when love shines on me
in every darkness I still believe
my heart is a diamond, nobody can see.

Sung by Claire Lynch.
Writer Unknown

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