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Scriptures is a 100% Christian Owned and Operated Company that has developed a complete Product Line and Marketing Plan that is uniting hundreds of thousands of Christians throughout the USA in a common goal of achieving.... FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!

All of our products are natural, safe and are not tested on animals. All of our hair, skin and nutritional products have been scientifically designed to give you the greatest benefits possible. We use only the finest ingredients on planet earth and all our products have been used and tested by hair, skin and health care professionals.

There is no mandatory commitment when you join Scriptures free; however to earn commissions and build your team it is 'Recommended' after signing up for your Free Information Packet
Click Here:
Confirm the email from Scriptures and place your ID# you were given Click Here
put yourself on monthly autoship product, Click Here $12.00 minimum, you can receive a FREE full sized product.

Recommended: Sign up for the Co-op advertising Click Here: $25.00 for fast start assistance. New members who request and sign up from the company website, or phone call (not through a member) are placed in this Coop and distributed evenly with members who are in this program

What do you receive when you join:
FREE Products
Co-op Advertising
Nutritional Products
Product Specials
Hair Care Products
FREE Info Packs
Auto-Ship Program
Skin Care Products
FREE Website
Training/Help Line
Bath Products
FREE Conference Calls Account
Low Monthly minimums
Sales Aids
Bible Lessons on CD
FREE Help Line and Much More

Listen to Founder Rosario Abate

Ready to Join? - Please use my referral ID Birddogsprofits
Request your Free Information Pack, Click Here:
Then, look for an email from Scriptures and Confirm your information is correct Click Here:
with your ID# given to you in your email from Scriptures office.

Here is the three steps for success:

Please do not try and 'reinvent the wheel' this 3 Simple steps have been set up to achieve ones goals,
if followed to the letter you will succeed as most of the work is done for you by Scriptures staff
What could be more simple?

1. Order a product and put yourself on monthly autoship product, Click Here: $12.00 minimum - Bible CD which are $10 each will act as your $12.00, if you prefer this route.
This $12.00 will activate your free 12 page website to start promoting, and receive commission on your downline.

2. Add a new sponsor to your group each month for growth, if you find it hard to advertise and market yourself, join the Coop Advertising Package Click Here: autoship, $25.00 each month.
New members who request and sign up from the company website, or phone call (not through a member) are placed in this Coop and distributed evenly with members who are in this program

3. It is very important to follow up every month with your personally sponsored members so they do not feel alone and then become discouraged because they are unsure what to do.

"Keeping in touch is a contact sport" with any business.
Welcome aboard, look for my email of welcome and phone call shortly after I receive conformation of you joining.

Amanda Martin-Shaver
ID Birddogsprofits

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