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ID # 111017701

We are all aware that in the USA alone, overweight and obesity is a growing concern which they are now calling a disease that effects one in around 20 people. Obesity is a Leading Cause of Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease

More people are overweight than ever. Cancer, Diabetes & Heart Disease Combined are skyrocketing that we all know one or more people who has these complaints - Over $200 million is spent on obesity related diseases each day in the US alone!

Each Day, 100,000 Americans Start a Weight Loss Program and get on the 'treadmill' to loosing weight whom more often put the weight back on or even gain more than before they started as they fail to be able to maintain after they finish the program - this is sad, especially what the 'yo-yo' effect does to their bodies
Americans Spend Over $100 million On Weight Loss DAILY! The problem? Diets have never provided sustainable weight control, and never will.

Most Diet pills are drug related with man-made synethic reproductions cooked up in a laboratory dissected and copied from the 'real thing' - God only knows what harm these man-made reproductions do to our bodies - yet we hear and read everyday a Lawyer speaking on TV requesting people whom have taken 'such and such' and suffered from disturbing and fearful side effects they list one by one..! We know that, that particular drug is not good for us. Yet the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) endorses these harmful and dangerous experiments upon us.

We as a human mass population are becoming sicker each day and more and more people are ending up in hospital with symptoms doctors are baffled to understand and diagnose what is wrong - Could it be due more to all these harmful chemicals from man-made synethic reproductions of the 'real McCoy' just because the Pharmaceuticals and Labs receive more money in Patents they take out? Gets one to thinking?!!!!
Don't get me started on the'Fad Diets' - We have all heard enough about them, stealing water, and other vitals our bodies need. They don't work either - enough said!

Introducing Bios Life Slim Bios Life Slim - Natural ingredients reduces your appetite, balances blood sugar, increases energy without stimulants and lowers cholesterol. It's nothing short of a revolution in how we can look great and take care of our bodies - each day. Each product has the science and list of ingredients you can look and see what you are about to put into your bodies - this is the kind of information I look for and I am sure you will be interested too

Unicity International is growing well established company that has been around for 20 years offering natural ingredients in their extensive body balance, weight maintenance products as well as their personal care, skin products.

Unicity Slim products, there is one with your name on it.. is designed to not only help you loose weight but to also get your digestion, and inner works e.g. glucose, metabolism etc back in balance without skipping meals and following fad diets and or counting calories.

Join Unicity and select products as a preferred customer (my ID # 111017701) and you will receive discounts from selecting product from Shopping Online or you can join as a Associate and receive even more from shopping from your referrals.

Unicity Franchise
Success of any franchise depends on the amount of product or services sold through the franchise. As a Unicity Franchisee, you earn income based on the amount of sales generated by you and your extended franchise team. You may build your franchise at your own pace although there are benefits to building your franchise as quickly as possible. The most successful franchisees focus on expanding their franchise while adding to their customer base over time.

There are ten different income streams available to each Unicity Franchisee:
1. Retail Profit
2. Personal Rebate
3. Group Bonus
4. Fast Start Bonus
5. Team Builder Bonus
6. Franchise Royalties
7. Presidential Royalties
8. Presidential Bonus
9. Additional Franchise Positions
10. Chairman'’s Club Bonus

Each income stream is earned as you achieve different sales levels through your franchise.

Retail Sales
Simply purchase product at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices. You keep the profit.
Online ordering is also available to all customers.
Unicity'’s plan includes two customer pricing levels:
Retail Customer Prices generate a profit margin of 30% to 100%
Preferred Customer Prices generate a profit margin of around 15%

Weekly Pay Program
The Weekly Pay Program is designed to pay Fast Start Bonuses more quickly.
The first level of the Fast Start Bonus is paid weekly. The Weekly Pay Program also allows franchisees the ability to“turn”their franchise investment quicker.
Weekly building period runs from Sunday midnight to Sunday midnight.
Weekly payment will be credited to the Unicity Awards Visa Prepaid Card on the following Thursday.

Unicity Awards Visa Prepaid Card
Unicity offers you the ability to receive franchise earnings via a CITI Bank debit prepaid card Benefits of the Unicity Awards Visa Prepaid Card include:
•Online CITI Bank Account
•No signup fee
•Immediate payment delivery
•Immediate access to funds
•Transfer funds directly to your checking account
•More frequent payments
•Account security
•Check balance or transfer funds
•Low ATM withdrawal fees
•Good everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
Use card to make Unicity purchases
•24/7 multilingual cardholder support
•Visa’s Zero Liability Fraud Protection

Unicity - Please fill in the space for Sponsor and Enroller with # 111017701.

Links for more information:and introduction

Unicity Intro
Video link to Bios Life Franchise - 5 Minute Introduction.

Slim video

Bios Life: Health and Business Video:

Wealth Builders Presentation,

with Aaron Webber Double Diamond a fellow 'Kiwi' (New Zealander) living in the States
login is: wealth7

Bio Life Slim
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Bios Life Smart Energy

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And if you need the clincal studies, go to..
Unicity Science

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