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Unwelcome Guests

Bang, crash, scratching, clawing
what in the world? is that sound of gnawing?
there is an animal under the house!
and by the bumping on the floor boards
he is much much bigger than any mouse!

This terrible sound of scampering heard
somersaulting, skittering, it's absurd
bumping, thumping right under my feet
which has me on the edge of my seat
then I hear it around the kitchen sink!

At times I hear it in the walls
has me running for the broom
beating the wall then the floors
I stamp my feet as I walk the room
get out and away you are doomed!

This has been going on for weeks,
which often has me quite freaked,
possum, raccoon, badger, feral cat?
I don't know, but please just scat
there is nothing here for you to eat

This never happens when James is home
same with the mouse, in the lounge he roams
I see a glimpse of him out the corner of my eye
I need a barn cat to cause his demise
our dogs are useless, I guess it is no surprise

I was looking out the bathroom window
to see where the horses were grazing
and there in front of me was this animal gazing
I rushed to the office to retrieve my camera
and took two photos through the window pane

It is a groundhog or Woodchuck in some States
looks a little like a beaver without a flat tail and big teeth
they eat your shrubs, grass and your garden greens
they live in a burrow, but he chose under our house
they dig holes and horses a leg, they can break

Just like the rabbits that we see plenty of
and with Koda contributing to digging big holes
our pasture will be like a wasteland, bare in spots
now that I know what is causing the grass to dry out
Unwelcome guests be gone, scat, shoo, or you'll be shot,

Amanda Martin-Shaver
6 May 2009

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Amanda Martin-Shaver