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I am on my journey to improving my overall complexion, no makeup (Warts and All!) starting in February 2015, March was having the Mask on, through to 3 July 2015

Hello and Welcome, I am your hostess Amanda Martin-Shaver
I have tried many and varied business online before and was often disappointed about the hype or scam nature involved.. so for the last 6 years I have not done anything major, ignoring all the business invitations I received..

I have always had an interest and passion for skin care sold natural and organic products with Nutri Metics for 17 years, the largest company in Australia and New Zealand passing Avon. Used all their products and wore their makeup daily

When I relocated to the US I bought and tried many different skin products, but was not completely satisfied with what I could find or afford with brands I had heard about.
The last two major brands I have used were endorsed by twp women celebrities as Preferred customers. I did not see or feel any difference to my skin's overall look, texture, smoothness as the adverts promised.
Hmmn Why do celebrities have face lifts or plastic surgery and deny it? They have access to the best skin care, suppliments, health and organic food known to man that we cannot always obtain or buy and we know they can certainly afford it!

In January 2015 I saw Instantly Ageless by Jeuness Global demonstrated from my friend Gina and now upline sponsor share on FB. I was completely surprised and delighted that real everyday people were using this product and it delivered instant results I could see via a hand held timer. I watched for a couple of weeks responses from her friends and Gina post photos of herself before and after.
I was ready to buy some and try it out for myself so Gina and I chatted back and forth answering my many questions that I decided to join and she sent me two vials to try.
All I can say is wow, it does work- botox without the needle in two minutes miraculous.
Instantly Ageless and the Luminsce line is working for real people like you and me with true and honest results with photos taken of everyday men and women - and not models..

I am looking for men and women whom are looking to improve their lines, wrinkles, scars, sags and bags repairing from the outside and in, as customer, Preferred customer or Join our team in 110 Countries at present, Canada, Australia and New Zealand recently.

This is my husband James Shaver being my model on 4 February 2015.
The date on the photo is incorrect, I did not change it from uploading photos and putting the little chip back in

James before applying Instantly Ageless

One minute after applying, you can see the bag under his right (our left) eye is starting to tighten

Two minutes later, the bag has completely disappeared

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Amanda Martin-Shaver