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* Means: Original Writings of my own and friends

Above Rubies * Adland is Our Land * A Rose *
Be Yourself * Born Again * Butterfly *
Buzzy Bee * Canceled * Care Giver in USA *
Chyna, Goodbye * Computers * Crucifixtion *
Empty Arms * Fishing * Fluoride Chemical *
Follow Jesus * Friends Friendship *
Gold * Guide Me * Gumboots *
He * He Is Hell Is Real
His Word * Hope and Change* I Had a Dream
Family, Do we need them? * Feeling Safe * I have Learned *
Jamey - Child Abuse * Jesus Wept * Jesus You are Wonderful *
Just Because * Just Praising The Lord * Koda, my puppy *
Lambie * Life’s Best Advice * Little One *
Meanest Parents * Memory Lane * Modern Way of Life *
My Father * My Daughter * My Mother *
My Son * Net Buddies * New Zealand *
Noah's Ark 2001 Panda's * Prayer for (Jamey's) Dad *
Shattered Innocence * Starie Eyes * Taihape * (My Home Town)
The Forgotten Teddy * The Grinch (an adaption) The Night Before Christmas *
The Road To Eternal Life * The Weeks After Christmas * The Woman in the Glass
What's The Fuss? * Why? * Wonderful Creation *
I'm Sorry * Jesus You are Wonderful * Stress *
Unwelcome Guests * Working in the USA * You Are *
What is in a Name *

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